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Coffee Roaters Companion

The Coffee Roaster's Companion
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The Professional Barista’s Handbook

The Professional Barista's Handbook
Price: $45.00
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Everything but Espresso

Everything But Espresso

Price: $35.00
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The Professional Barista’s Handbook

Espresso Extraction

Price: $9.99

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Meet Author, Scott Rao

"When I began in the coffee business in 1992, I read every book I could find about coffee. However, after reading all of those books I felt as if I hadn’t learned much about how to make great coffee. My coffee library was chock-full of colorful descriptions of brewing styles, growing regions, and recipes, with a few almost-unreadable scientific books mixed in. I would have traded in all of those books for one serious, practical book with relevant information about making great coffee in a cafe. Fourteen years later, I still hadn't found that book, so I decided to write it myself. These two books are my attempt to give baristas what I had been missing all of those years." ~ Scott Rao


Consulting Services

Scott Rao has almost two decades of experience as a barista, coffee roaster, and consultant. During his career he has roasted and sampled more than twenty thousand batches of coffee and made several hundred thousand coffee beverages.

Scott's consulting services include:

  • Comprehensive cafe startup planning
  • Barista training
  • Training in both manual roasting and automated profile roasting.

To contact Scott regarding these services, please email him at

References available on request. 


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