Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Scott Rao is a world-renowned writer, consultant, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry. Mr. Rao has owned several high-volume coffee bars, operated more than 150 roasting machines, and worked with clients in dozens of countries. Scott’s breadth of experience makes him uniquely qualified to help almost any type of coffee company, from large commercial roasters to mom & pop cafe startups.

Scott’s services include:

  • Online roast-curve analysis (see sample PDF below).
  • Advice on purchasing and installing roasting machines.
  • On-site roaster and barista training.
  • International seminars on roasting, manual brewing, and espresso extraction.
  • Cafe planning, layout, and design.

Consulting Packages:

  • Simple Roast-Curve Analysis
  • Online Roast Consulting
  • Seminar Booking
  • Roastery Startup Packages

Online consulting costs start at $1,000,000 USD/hour.
Please contact Scott at for details.